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Planning for hiking in Ariege Pyrenees 2019

Go for Hiking in Ariege Pyrenees with Meredith

We can provide you the best possible options for hiking in Ariege Pyrenees. Your host Meredith is a mountaineer, skier, climber, cyclist and historian who has been here for 25 years.  She will be able to advise you with the best Routes for walks in Pyrenees.
The best thing is you can stay at the Bed and breakfast in Ariege provided by Meredith. This 18th century country holiday house in Ariege Pyrenees is now home to warmth and sophistication where the welcome is done in an authentic manner with fresh and delicious breakfast and dinners are served next to the fireplace or on the terrace.
Old stones and new wood, craggy beams, precious furniture and a cheery fire of the house make it rustic, warm and elegant. Rooms have fine linens, oriental rugs and the books provided in the rooms give you a good company after a tiring day .Travelers who are especially interested in walking and cycling should at least stay for about a week or even more since there is so much of beauty to explore .It also provides a special room for repairing of bikes.
In addition, there are 5 mountainous stages of the Tour de France to bike near by the home. There are a lot of mountain lakes, along with many varieties of wild orchids, in the Haute Ariege as compared to all the other departments of France! And it lies 900m above sea level. Best time for Hiking in Ariege – Pyrenees The most ideal time to go for walks & hiking in Ariege Pyrenees is from mid June-mid Sept .Since the weather at this particular time of the year is cooperative and pleasant too which adds up to the magnificent beauty of Pyrenees. Some hiking equipment would definitely be needed .But that isn’t going to be an issue because those will be provided at the spot on rent. Both camping as well as hostel facilities are provided, but the hostel facilities would be quite expensive. But no worries about that, since our affordable holiday accommodation in France is always an alternative to that .Warm clothes are surely recommended as the weather descends down to about 15 degrees within no time, say just in few minutes. Since there is so much to explore but the time of stay is limited so it makes a tendency for the travelers to visit Pyrenees time and again. There are a number of roman chapels along with small churches which promote the spirituality and are located nearby which can be reached within 5mins- 1hr from the holiday accommodation in France. Best places to go for hiking in Ariege – Pyrenees Currently, there are 31 alluring places that include 19 hike trails and 12 long distance hike trails for hiking in Ariege Pyrenees. So it’s a tough time choosing just one out of those elegant ones. But let me begin with the splendid Bains du Couloubret the largest, warmest and most recently renovated thermal baths in the Pyrenees: 700m of Well-being for 20 mins which feels magical when it comes to relaxation and that makes the soul alive indeed. Hiking in Ariege Pyrenees To add up some wonderful moments, hike to the PIC DE LA SERRERA, fringed by sloppy mountains. In summer you can climb up the rocky road to below the Rif. de Borda de Sorten ,it takes you to a wide path which  leads to the self-catering hut ,which is later followed by a  paddock path that continues over the Riu de la Cebollera to the Rif. La Serrera. It gets steeper as you move along the Riu de la Serrera and then steeper up towards the ridge. There is an eye catching view as you move further which proves to be mesmerizing as mentioned by our guide. From here begins the last steep ascent to the summit of pic de le serrera ,as there are two ways to go down,you can either descend via ascent or through the summit ridge which follows down to Rif . La Serrera.
Hiking in Ariege Pyrenees
One of the best walks hiking in Ariege Pyrenees, would be on the banks of Lac de Montbel, which takes you to the pretty market town of Mirepoix via the ancient villages of France .Here as you begin to move ,from the banks of the lake you will come across the dam which follows into the forest that leads to the old railway line, now known as “green way”. You will come across the old village of camon via the village of lagarde. Here’s the next and most fascinating walk in Pyrenees which is from Vals to Mirepoix which is peaceful yet a lovely one which takes you through the quiet country roads, forest tracks and open fields passing numerous villages along the way as you walk towards the elegant market town of Mirepoix. This walk makes you get lost in the magnificent chaos of the forest which makes the walk totally a worth.
Author - Khusboo Agrawal 
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